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DEADEN - Hymns Of The Sick  CD Maximize

DEADEN - Hymns Of The Sick CD

Brutal US death metal!!!

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Woah! The sickness of the lyrics is portraying itself through the music a bit more than I'm used to here! This album really makes me wonder about my usual "lyrics are superficial to the music" attitude. For one thing, some of the sickest lyrics I've heard are very much audible and clear, a bit like on Cannibal Corpse's Gallery of Suicide. If you read the lyrics booklet along with the music you can pretty much sing along after a while. The advantage this album has over Gallery...thematically is that the atmosphere is so incredibly sick, whereas on Gallery...it's an overall brutalness. What kind of mentally sound human being would come up with the lyrics, "Take a look, tell me what you see, I see a bouquet of dicks, where her head used to be"? The guitaring is a twisted sounding midpaced groove to compliment the disgustingness of the lyrics. This particular song, track 2, Sculpted in Flesh, goes on to talk about how a spider is sculpted from human legs and genitalia to be fucked every night. Samples before and after songs only emphasise the sick and evil nature of this album. It has alot of slow, grooving guitar to give the music a sort of deadly sound, but there are enough fast parts to break a few necks. The way the bass lifts the guitars reminds me of a monster truck driving over piles of dead bodies. It really drives a nail into your head. - Julian Forbes


1. Ejaculation To A Rotting Orifice 04:04
2. Sculpted In Flesh 03:53
3. John's List 03:14
4. Subconscious Holocaust 02:33
5. He Wore The Flesh 01:37
6. Butchered Whore 03:54
7. Genocide By Asphyxiation 03:28
8. Land Of Larvae 04:01
9. Stretched 08:16
Total playing time 35:00

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DEADEN - Hymns Of The Sick  CD

DEADEN - Hymns Of The Sick CD

Brutal US death metal!!!

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